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 This top page is to transmit the proof that I am still alive and enjoying retired life, mainly to my relatives, friends and former students. A story or an event is selected from monotonous daily life and my thoughts and experience are introduced.

From Daily Life - 31: Topics of eye

 Keeping sound eyesight is a grateful privilege in daily life. I had a visual acuity of 2.0 all the time when I was young. After around the age of 50, I started to recognize various symptoms. The first change I noticed was that focusing became slow. When I had a meeting in a big room, I shifted my viewpoint from the materials at hand to the projected figures far away. It took an instant to get focusing. It could be caused by a weakening of the eye muscles. Then, presbyopia, which makes it difficult to see nearby, began, and astigmatism added to it. I started wearing glasses on a daily basis from around the age of 60. The glasses have also changed from simple ones to advanced ones that correct lens power and astigmatism for three targets in far, middle and near distance. Currently, I regularly use glasses that emphasize middle and near sight, and use for driving glasses that emphasize distant and middle sight.
 Corrected visual acuity is maintained at 1.0 to 1.2, but the glasses last for more than 10 years, probably because the eye condition has settled down. Cataracts are slightly cloudy in the right eye, but far from the surgical treatment. There are other eye weaknesses. Elderly people are required to inspect their field of vision and light-dark adaptation speed when they renew their driver's license. I have no problem with the inspection, and I don't feel tired even when I drive long at night. I am very grateful for keeping sound eyes for my age. I don't hear much about the training that strengthens eyes like muscle training. I brush my teeth every day but have never taken care of my eyes.
 Last year I visited an eye doctor almost every 3 months. Occasionally I feel discomfort at the outer corner of the left eye like a small particle gets in, and it does not disappear even after washing the eye. After the first diagnosis, the doctor said that it was caused by reverse eyelashes. After pulling off several thin eyelashes, the discomfort instantly disappeared. It must be also an ageing phenomenon, but the female doctor complimented me as "It's because you're young and energetic." I wish neither getting irregular eyelashes nor getting so weak that even eyelashes stop to grow. This is likely to continue for a while.
 Something interesting has happened recently. When I was looking at the sky, I found a small cloud like a panda's face. As I watched, I noticed that the panda was winking. Cloud would never wink! I carefully investigated the phenomenon and found that it was synchronized with my pulse and occurred only in the left eye. I went to the eye doctor and explained my symptoms, thinking that something was wrong with my retina. After taking and examining photographs of the fundus and tomographic images of the retina, the doctor found no particular abnormality in the retina. After about a week, the small pulsating region in the sight became much smaller. Now I cannot notice it unless I observe very carefully. It was a happening that made me realize the retina was alive.
 My generation lived without looking at television and displays. Children these days seem to work their eyes too heavily. I hope that eye training would spread in the same way as muscle training.

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