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 This top page is to transmit the proof that I am still alive and enjoying retired life, mainly to my relatives, friends and former students. A story or an event is selected from daily life and my thoughts and experience are introduced.

From Daily Life - 72: Bedside gym

 Two years ago, I introduced in this column a topic titled “Wake-up exercise” that I practice every morning before breakfast. It even includes playing FreeCell (game on PC) as brain training. There was a time when I used to go to a sports gym for muscle training, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, I switched to doing it at home. Let me introduce how I practice the training. I continue this exercise because I believe that maintaining muscle strength is essential for living independently.
 It is around 9 o'clock when I finish breakfast while reading the newspaper, clean up dishes and finish making my bed. The bed is the stage for muscle training, so I call it bedside gym. My routine is as follows:
1. Foot Massage: Sit on the edge of the bed and apply acupressure to the soles of feet with my right thumb. Press 50 times on each foot, focusing on the arch. If there are any areas where I feel pain, apply acupressure to those areas carefully. Feel good!
2. Knee bending (middle picture above): Sit on the edge of the bed and stretch both legs horizontally. While keeping my feet in the air, I bend and extend my knees 40 times. It is important to repeat slowly without adding momentum.
3. Squat (left pictured above): Stand upright off the bed and perform 40 repetitions of squats by bending and stretching my knees. Do this slowly too.
4. Ankle flexion: Stand upright with both hands on the wall and stand on my toes and then heels 20 times. Next, arch my hip while pushing one ankle far back. Push out the ankle so hard that my calf muscle pains. Repeat this twice for both foot.
5. Arm training: Stand upright with a 3kg dumbbell in each hand, hold it in front of me for 10 seconds with my palms facing down, then swing it out to the side and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat the same action with my palms facing upward. Perform this set twice.
6. Leg raise (right picture above): Lie on my back on the bed, stretch legs, raise legs 90 degrees upward, and slowly lower them down. Repeat this 40 times.
7. Ankle rotation: Lie on my back on the bed, stretch legs, and rotate my toes in a circular motion around my ankles. Move my left and right toes symmetrically and repeat 25 times inward and 25 times outward.
8. Hip joint motion: Lie on my back on the bed and bend my knees. Fully open the knees and then close to activate the hip joints. Repeat this 20 times.
9. Abdominal and buttocks training: Sit on the edge of the bed. Continue to tighten my lower abdomen and squeeze my buttocks for about 10 seconds. Repeat this 5 times.
10. Electric foot massage: Place a large electric massager (the kind used by barbers to massage shoulders.) upside down on the floor, with the vibrating pad facing up. Sit on the bed, place both feet on the pad, and massage evenly, focusing on the arches of my feet. I started using it to relieve numbness in my feet, but its effectiveness is unknown. But it feels good.
 At first, the training items were far simpler. Because I have been adding muscle training that seemed to be suitable for me from those introduced in newspapers, magazines, TV, etc., the number of items has increased considerably. But it only takes about 10 minutes to finish. It is much shorter than the time required to visit a local sports gym. I am sure that the effect of the training is worth the time and effort I invest. There are likely individual differences in effective muscle training. My practice is just an example.

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